Public Libraries, the class (4/9/17 update!)

(Image above: Kansas City (MO) Public Library. The building was a bank before it was a library and they converted the vault into a movie theater)

I will be teaching Public Libraries for Catholic University’s Department of Library and Information Science in Summer, 2017. Class will be in person and on campus Tuesday evenings from 6-8:30pm. If you’ve arrived at this page, I hope it’s because you’re considering taking the class.

I am extremely excited to teach my first library school class, as I’ve spent many years complaining about how ill prepared library school graduates are to work in a public library. And although this is a broad overview class, I hope students will be able to answer these questions by the end of the semester:

  • What is a public library? (and how is my understanding different now than at the beginning of class?)
  • Why is the public library important?
  • What is it like to work in a public library?

This will be an extremely interactive class. Generally, there will be a reading every week and (hopefully) a lively in class conversation. Working in a public library demands believing in service and a set of principles and this is the opportunity to figure out what those are and most importantly, what you as a citizen believe and value.

This is where I will post information about the class as it’s developed. Currently, I’m reading Part of Our Lives: a people’s history of the American public library by Wayne Wiegand and this will most likely be the only required text for the class. I’m also working on the syllabus…more to come about that later.

Update! I have a syllabus for anyone who is interested. I don’t have access to Blackboard through CUA yet but you can get a sneak peak here. 

Questions about the class? Feel free to reach out to me: or add a comment below . I promise to respond within 48 hours.


Today in D.C. it’s a beautiful day to read


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